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Jon Stewart on ‘Daily Show': Anthony Weiner Is ‘Packing Jumbo Heat’ (Video)

Stewart also says the scandal surrounding his old pal is “the greatest episode of ‘Maury’ ever”

On Monday's edition of "The Daily Show," host Jon Stewart continued his assault on his old friend Anthony Weiner after a new crop of scandalous photos had pushed the New York congressman to admit his wrongdoing.

Earlier Monday, Weiner admitted at a hastily arranged press conference that he had, in fact, tweeted a photo of his crotch to a woman he'd been flirting with online.

Addressing new photos that had surfaced showing the married congressman topless, Weiner also copped to sexting with other women via Facebook and other social media outlets.

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Unsurprisingly, "The Daily Show" hit the new revelations hard, even though Weiner is a personal pal of Stewart's.

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With the congressman's infamous "Crotch Shot 2011" photo looming in an inset next to him, Stewart said, "That better be his shoulder."

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He then put up the new shot of a topless Weiner that was released today by BigGovernment.com. "Wow," deadpanned Stewart, "that is some cleavage. Can we zoom in on that, by any chance?"

The camera zoomed in and cuts to a clip of James Franco yelling "I'm in the canyon!" from "127 Hours."

Next, a graphic went up labelling the new developments in the scandal "Jon Stewart Unloads on Anthony Weiner's Chest."

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"The most upsetting thing about having a friend caught up in a scandal of this nature," Stewart joked, "is (a) he’s packing jumbo heat and (b) that’s he’s ripped. I can’t believe this guy and I are the same f—ing age, that’s my problem!"

Stewart then put up a photo of his head photoshopped on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's body. "Here’s a picture of me from this morning," he said. "How good is the congressional health care plan?"

He then explained that Anthony Breitbart, the BigGovernment.com conservative blogger who broke the scandal, had stepped up to the microphone prior to Weiner's speech to give his own impromptu press conference, saying that Breitbart had "Kanye'd" Weiner.

"This is the weirdest f—ing story I've ever seen in my life," he concluded. "Or the weirdest episode of 'Maury' ever."

He ended the short segment with a soundbite from the conference that has Weiner admitting fault for the first time.

"And there you have it," Stewart said, "at 4:25 Eastern standard time, this story officially became sad."