Jon Stewart Destroys Chris Christie’s Negotiating Skills, Credibility Due to ‘Sh-t Deal’ With Exxon (Video)

New Jersey governor may have taken the world’s worst settlement for longterm pollution case

Daily Show

Chris Christie should probably stop hammering President Barack Obama for his suggested soft negotiation skills — at least while Jon Stewart is still sitting behind the “Daily Show” desk.

The Garden State governor recently traveled to Iowa, where he blasted the commander in chief, saying Obama “doesn’t know how to negotiate.”

Political shots fired, right? Unfortunately, on Thursday, Stewart pulled out an ironic example of Christie taking anything but a hardline with a 2006 Exxon pollution lawsuit settlement. Asking for $9 billion initially, Christie and the state of New Jersey settled for just $225 million — before a judge could award damages.

“Christie said he was a great negotiator, ” Stewart set up. “He didn’t say which side he was working for.”

To make matters appear worse, Christie is actually using that money to plug budget gaps, not clean up the Passaic River, according to media reports. Plus, those problems of appearance are escalated by the assertions that Exxon has contributed heavily to the Republican Governor’s Association and the oil company’s law firm has close political ties to the Christie administration.

Stewart summed the settlement up as a “shit deal” — but not the most corrupt one he sees happening right now in his home state: The comedian eventually roped in Senator Bob Menendez, some shady doings and even prostitutes by the end of his opening Comedy Central show segment.

Watch the video: