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Jon Stewart Destroys ‘Shockingly Terrible’ Fox News for Hypocritical Ferguson Outrage (Video)

”Daily Show“ host cleverly uses cable news channel’s own Benghazi words against itself

Jon Stewart often attacks his nemeses on the Fox News Channel — but he REALLY went after them on Thursday night.

The “Daily Show” host tore into what he called the “shockingly terrible” cable news channel for demanding an apology from members of the media and politicians who oversold the now infamous Ferguson “Hands up, Don’t shoot” protest flashpoint which, according to the Department of Justice, didn’t go down the way many outlets reported it.

“The lesson Fox News is getting at is very clear,” Stewart started, leaning in to full-fledged irony: “Wouldn’t it be nice if people who jumped to conclusions and peddled a false, divisive, anger-stoking narrative had to apologize for misleading America?”

Stewart also noted how Fox chose to ignore that pesky other DOJ report, the one that found evidence of systemic racism by the Ferguson Police Department.

Then the “shit” got “real” (Stewart’s words), as the “Daily Show” host drew parallels between Fox’s over-the-top initial Benghazi coverage to the very thing it’s upset about in Missouri. When the answers that trickled in didn’t match the network’s narrative, Stewart says, Fox News talking heads were fairly mum.

But with an assist from his video team, Stewart had them talking, using FNC’s own words and clips against them by inter-splicing Benghazi and Ferguson commentary.

Stewart then summed up what he referred to as “the beauty which is the ugliness of Fox News:”

“They demand accountability for anger and divisiveness whilst holding themselves entirely unaccountable for their anger and divisiveness,” he concluded.

Watch the video: