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Jon Stewart Is So Clearly Sick of Donald Trump, He Can Barely Make Fun of Him (Video)

Perhaps it’s just too easy

In the 15 years that he has been hosting “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart has had few targets as consistent and generous as Donald Trump.

After all this time, the real estate tycoon/publicity hound’s ego may have finally made Stewart snap.

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In a segment on “The Daily Show” on Tuesday night, Stewart addressed an ongoing controversy in Chicago, in which Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other city leaders are fighting to have Trump remove — or at least make smaller — the huge signing bearing his ubiquitous name on the latest Trump Tower. The aesthetic criticism, of course, has only given Trump more opportunities to get his mug on television, allowing him to say more insane things in the service of his ego and very twisted brand.

Stewart could barely muster up the energy to make fun of the mogul, simply laughing and stating that this is what Trump does, and will always do, always and forever, until the end of time, because Donald Trump will always be here, putting his name on things.

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