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Jon Stewart: Fox News’ Megyn Kelly a ‘Badass’ Suffering ‘Post-Partum Compassion’

Kelly, who just returned from maternity leave, blasted a radio host who called leave a ”racket“ after months of criticizing entitlements herself

Fox News' Megyn Kelly was back on air Thursday, and Jon Stewart was giddy, dubbing her his "favorite Fox New host — and this is true — hands down."

Yet Stewart noticed something different about Kelly. Kelly returned from maternity leave to excoriate radio host Mike Gallagher, who had called maternity leave a "racket."

It was a performance so enticing that Stewart called her a "badass." "Never get between a mama grizzly and her maternity leave," Stewart joked.

But where was this avid defense of entitlement programs during the past few years Stewart wondered?

"The Daily Show" then played a series of clips alternating between Kelly's defense of maternity leave and her past criticisms of entitlement programs, including a direct contradiction on the subject of paternity leave.

This left Stewart with only one conclusion: cutting her hair sapped Kelly's conservative strength.

"That means Rachel maddow is just 10 scissorless weeks away from a Fox contract," he quipped.

Here's the clip: