Jon Stewart: Happy Birthday President Obama, Here’s a Stock Plunge

Stewart sings to the president, and then addresses various cultural disputes like the biracial Spider-Man

Last Updated: August 5, 2011 @ 10:38 AM

What better way to celebrate the President's birthday than a significant stock market plunge?

Jon Stewart found it somewhat amusing, opening "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" with a gift-wrapped present of poor economic news, as reported by the networks.

However, Stewart did not seem to find Thursday's poor market numbers as the best fodder for his humor, turning instead to the "culture wars."

Lou Dobbs was bothered by a biracial Spider-Man, or as Stewart put it: "a Latino who can climb walls."

Fox News contributor Dana Perino, former press secretary to President George W. Bush, was alarmed that the Health and Human Services Department says the new health care law mandates insurance makes birth control free. Stewart's running mate Stephen Colbert tackled this one yesterday, but Colbert did not include Perino suggesting that people should just spend the money they use on Starbucks Frapuccinos.

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Yet to Stewart worst of all were the atheists looking to stop the 9/11 Cross — a piece of metal in the shape of a cross found in the World Trade Center rubble — from being placed at the site of the memorial. Atheists claim it is offensive to their religion, but as Stewart pointed out, the atheists' symbol is an atom — and those are pretty well-represented at the site.

Here's the clip: