Jon Stewart: Herman Cain, Take the Lie Detector Test (Video)

The "Daily Show" host also notes Cain's habit of talking about himself in the third person as he tries to navigate his political sex scandal

Last Updated: September 13, 2012 @ 3:22 PM

In his "Oh, the Humanity!" segment on last night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart advised Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain to take that lie detector test he was asked about during a press conference on Tuesday.

Cain said he would take a lie detector test … but he's not going to, unless he has a reason to.

"You're standing in front of five flags being accused of sexual harassment threatening to sink your entire presidential campaign!" an exasperated Stewart offered as just the reason Cain is looking for.

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We're also not the only ones who've noted Cain's bizarre habit of referring to himself in the third person.

"Now Herman Cain is talking like he never met Herman Cain … who talks in the third person?" Stewart said. "Maybe Herman Cain is The Hulk … 'Herman Cain sad!' Either way, Jon Stewart is impressed."

Check out the video clip below, where Stewart also talks about the "Democrat machine" (with illustration) and riles the audience with an Obama administration joke:


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