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Jon Stewart on Home State’s Corruption: ‘I Miss New Jersey So Much!’ (Video)

"The Daily Show" looked into Governor Chris Christie's options to replace the late Frank Lautenberg and finds he chose the self-serving one

On Wednesday's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart got all faux choked up when talking about his now underrepresented home state of New Jersey. The nostaglia was ramped up a few notches when the topic switched to the state's famous history of corruption.

With the passing of Frank Lautenberg, the Garden State is down one senator. There are three options New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has to replace the late politician: 1) hold a special election this fall, 2) have a special election on Election Day (Nov. 5), or 3) hold the election in Nov. 2014, with a temporary senator in place until then.

Stewart proposed a fourth option that no one else is discussing. His suggestion? Well, it involves putting five guys in a van, dumping them in the Pine Barrens and appointing the one that comes out. Classic New Jersey power move.

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On Dec. 1, 2009, Christie was actually asked what he would do if Frank Lautenberg died (real tactful, media). His response: "I don't think any responsible governor at this point would call for a special election that would cost ten million dollars." Cut to 2013, what is Christie doing to replace Lautenberg? The special election, of course.

The theory is that Christie chose the now-even-more-expensive option to block Newark mayor, Democrat Cory Booker from winning the open seat. Stewart called the move a "self-serving, corrupt abuse of power," before sputtering though tears, "I miss New Jersey so much!"

Watch below:

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