Jon Stewart Strolled Down Hollywood Blvd in an Incredible Hulk Costume (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel recruits “real” superheroes to give Comic-Con tips — the ones of the Hollywood Walk of Fame

With San Diego Comic-Con 2018 underway, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel thought it’d be a good idea to ask for cosplaying tips from the “real” superheroes — the ones of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

If you’ve ever walked down Hollywood Blvd. before, you know the superheroes who wander among the stars often wear unconvincing costumes. Former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart popped up in a skit on Thursday, showcasing his career since leaving the “Daily Show” in 2015.  Stewart has been roaming Hollywood Blvd. in an Incredible Hulk costume and showed up to share some tips with Kimmel about the gig.

“I wouldn’t say ‘incredible,’ but I play an adequate Hulk,” Stewart joked.

Earlier in the show, Kimmel took a jab at Con attendees, saying that “Comic-Con is interesting. The only convention where every one of the city’s hotel rooms are full for five whole days, no one gets an STD the whole time.”

But Stuart said that he’s gotten some great tips from a passerby: “A guy did tell me I should go f— myself, which technically is a tip.”

Watch the full video above.