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Jon Stewart: Iranians Too Cocky About Oscar Win Over Israeli Film

”A Separation“ won the Best Foreign Film Oscar, but the ”Daily Show“ host says Iranian films can’t stack up against a long history of Jewish accomplishments in Hollywood

Sure, "A Separation," an Iranian movie, beat out "Footnote," an Israeli film, for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar this year. But Jon Stewart warned that Iran shouldn't be feeling so cocky about the victory.

Despite Iran State TV declaring the Oscar victory an Iranian victory over Israeli, Stewart said, "Okay, Iran, this time you've stepped in it, mister. You may be enriching uranium for nuclear weapons and fighting proxy wars in a variety of Middle East hotspots, but you have just written a check your entertainment industry cannot cash."

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Describing Iran State TV as a cross between a driver's ed instructional video and a "Tim and Eric" sketch from Adult Swim, he added, "I don't know how you would do in a regular conventional war, Iran, but in war of production values with the sons of Israel, we will kick your ass."

A who's who of Jewish film and TV makers followed, including Woody Allen, Seth Rogen, David O. Selznik, the Coen brothers, David Mamet, Jerry Seinfeld and … Norman Jewison? Maybe not.

Finally, Stewart warned Iran, "You be kind, just like the filmmaker who won for 'A Separation' was … because if you like winning Oscars, Iran, guess who hands them out? Me."

Check out  the video:

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