Jon Stewart Says Founding Fathers Cooler With ‘Prisoner Mistreatment’ Than ‘Black President’ (Video)

"The Daily Show" mocks President Obama's antiterrorism address and introduces a new segment

Morgan Freeman was the guest on “The Daily Show” Thursday night, where he presumably did not doze off even once. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. In the opening segment, Jon Stewart quickly tore into President Obama’s antiterror speech from earlier in the day.

In his address at Washington D.C.’s National Defense University, Obama shared his disappointment in the nation’s treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, saying, “Look at the current situation, where we are force-feeding detainees who are being held on a hunger strike. Is this who we are? Is that something our founding fathers foresaw?”

Stewart countered with, “I actually think on a scale of things our ‘founders foresaw,’ – ‘prisoner mistreatment’ would take a backseat to ‘black president.'”

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Stewart then introduced a new “Daily Show” segment called “Priorities USA,” complete with the famous “Law & Order” sound effect — always a crowd pleaser (even when out of context).

The inaugural segment focused on the hypocrisy of the government vowing to uphold freedom of the press while simultaneously wire-tapping the same reporters. But Stewart’s argument can be far better summed up by the fake headlines he and his staff generated as punchlines, including the investigative reporting breakthrough, “Jon Stewart is Jewish.”

Watch below: