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Jon Stewart Left Speechless by Mike Huckabee’s Holocaust ‘Door of Oven’ Comments (Video)

”Daily Show“ host responds to GOP presidential candidate’s controversial remarks about Israel

Jon Stewart became famous by verbally letting loose on politicians and media elite, but last night he said it all without saying a word.

The “Daily Show” host was left speechless by presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s controversial comments about Israel, in which he said President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran would bring the American ally to “the door of the oven” in a clear reference to the Holocaust.

Stewart replayed Huckabee’s comments several times, responding with facial cringes and loud grunts.

The Comedy Central host then lunged out of his chair as if to hit the image of Huckabee over his shoulder, later taking something out of his pocket: his middle finger, hoisted up at the former Arkansas governor.

Stewart then played a string of old clips from Huckabee’s time as a Fox News host, making what sounded like the sound of an infant being played with.

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