Jon Stewart: Let’s ‘Transformer’ Into a ‘Campaign-Based Economy’ (Video)

Jon Stewart suggests perpetual political campaigning is the way to jump start the economy

Jobs, schmobs. Jon Stewart introduced his idea for juicing the U.S. economy, and it's as simple as giving up on jobs bills or expecting our government leaders to actually do any governing.

The answer, Stewart suggested on "The Daily Show" Monday night, is that we switch to a "campaign-based economy," in which President Barack Obama and his fellow election campaigners do what they do best: campaign for office, all day, 365 days a year.

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"Let us as a nation give up the pipe dream once and for all that an inspirational leader can challenge the status quo, remake Washington, and govern successfully. It's not gonna happen," Stewart said.


"We're number one in aspiring political leaders telling us how great we are. Let's use that and convert America into a campaign-based economy." 

"Campaign-driven drivel" (say THAT real fast, three times) is what will see us through to a renewed economy, Stewart argued, with monthly Democratic and Republican party conventions in every city providing a boost to the balloon-dropping, straw hat, escort and dead escort-removal industries, and a slew of new campaign ads providing video "prop" gigs to the teachers, firefighters, cops and other "Village People of a double dip recession" needed to illustrate who the campaigner wants to help.

"Can we save this country by relying on our greatest natural resource: Hand-cranked corporately financed bullshit machines?" Stewart asked. "I say, 'Yes. We. Can!'"