Jon Stewart Rips CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and Tom Foreman for ‘Off the Chain,’ Holographic Measles Reporting

Don’t worry Disneyland: You got yours too on Tuesday’s “Daily Show”

Last Updated: February 4, 2015 @ 9:17 AM

The return of measles is all the rage these days across cable news, and Jon Stewart handed out a few props while taking more than a few shots at how reporters on television are tackling the topic.

Before praising Anderson Cooper’s CNN show for handling the outbreak with a clear, educational message based on facts, Stewart had no choice but to mock Brooke Baldwin for saying the contagion factor in the disease “is like off the chain.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough to the Comedy Central host, then Tom Foreman used CNN’s beloved hologram technology to depict the virus attacking him on an airplane. Get the popcorn ready, because that was all Stewart could take. The comedian likened the segment to “Snakes on a Plane,” sharing a clever re-imaging with a mere one-word edit.

But of course, all measles roads lead to Disneyland, where many of the reported cases appear to be coming from.

That sparked the following brilliant joke: “Unbelievable,” Stewart started. “I mean this place has survived a rodent infestation, pirate invasion, rampant beastiality, and what takes Disneyland down? Ironically, something we thought we froze in the 1950s.”

Watch the video: