Jon Stewart Says Mitt Romney Is ‘His Own Mistress… Opposites Attract’ (Video)

Romney's tense chat with Bret Baier leads Stewart to say flip-flopper Romney doesn't need a Herman Cain-type scandal to take him down; he's got himself

Mitt Romney's rivals for the Republican presidential nomination have kept "The Daily Show" too busy to focus much on the former Massachusetts governor in recent weeks — but that changed Thursday.

After a tense interview in which Fox News' Bret Baier pressed Romney on his dueling stances on several major campaign issues, Jon Stewart said Romney, like Herman Cain, is haunted by someone from his past.

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"For Herman Cain it's a woman named Ginger White. For Mitt Romney … it's Mitt Romney," Stewart said. "Mitt Romney is his own mistress. And by the way, it makes sense, because they say opposites attract."

Check out the video clip on "Mittstorm," in which Stewart also riffs on Romney's reading habits and compares his presidential campaign to "The Munsters":