Jon Stewart Mocks Ebola Crisis Managers and Media Coverage in ‘Au Bon Panic’ (Video)

No one can escape “The Daily Show’s” sharp eye when it comes to calling out the bumbling reporting and sloppy containment of the virus

As misinformation about the Ebola epidemic continues to spread like the virus itself, Jon Stewart took the apparent non-experts to task for spewing useless media reports.

Typically, neither news anchors, talking heads, hazmat workers, medical “experts,” nor the state of Texas, could avoid “The Daily Show’s” acerbic wrath.

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“There goes all the Ebola,” Stewart exclaimed as a hazmat worker almost tips over with a container while making a “hairpin turn” walking to his van.

Then comes a media report clip montage about the Texas nurse who contracted the virus while caring for the first man to die from it in the U.S. “How did she contract it?” various anchors asked.

“What is wrong with you people?” Stewart marveled, pointing out the obvious. “She was a nurse … in the Ebola unit. She took care of the Ebola man. What do you mean, ‘How did she contract it?’… Was it a Zoltar wish gone awry? Was she at an Ebola key party? Did she pee in a fountain next to Ebola?”

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Next, it was the ABC News graphic department to feel Stewart’s wrath, as he points out how an Ebola chart they used looked like a chain of phallic symbols from one person to another … and all the way to the Dallas nurse’s dog.

Then came the talking head experts — always a favorite target of the Comedy Central show.

“What do you know? You’re not a scientist!” Stewart explained after hearing from a non-scientist. He then described what a real scientist is supposed to look like, before, in fact, hearing from a scientist that exactly matches his description and declaring, “Touché!”

And sorry Don Lemon and CNN, Stewart took you to task as well for booking the author of the 1987 fictional novel “Outbreak” as an on-air guest.

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“But first, a weather report from the writer of ‘Sharknado,” he jokes.

Last and most powerfully, Stewart picked apart an interview by CNN’s Sanjay Gupta and Jake Tapper of Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas), in which the Congressman suggested closing the travel door from Africa to the U.S.

When Gupta points out that isolating Africa would actually makes things worse, Stewarts points out that Texas’ record on medical care certainly makes the state no expert in smart medical decision-making.

Watch the video from Tuesday night’s “The Daily Show” above.