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Jon Stewart Mocks Media Obsession Over ‘Secret’ White House Meetings With Obama

”That sounds so much more awesome than what happened,“ says ”Daily Show“ host

Jon Stewart proved that fiction is more interesting than fact on Wednesday night, dishing about his “secret” meetings at the White House with President Obama.

“Oooh! That sounds so much more awesome than what happened,” Stewart said, referring to multiple media reports following the Politico story that Stewart had visited the White House for clandestine meetings with the president.

“Basically, the President of the United States called my office and asked  — twice — if I would come meet with him, and I did,” Stewart said on Wednesday’s episode of the “Daily Show.” In fact, Stewart claimed that the private meetings were very similar to Obama’s official appearance on the Comedy Central show last week, “but with salmon.”

“It wasn’t really that big a deal. I was brought through the secret tunnel at Mount Rushmore,” he joked. “It was a round table meeting with the president and Elvis, still alive … and the Area 51 alien.

“But if you guys insist … it was a secret,” he continued, revealing that the meetings were on the official White House visitor’s log, “so it’s not a secret” especially as he told his mom, and she told her friends. “Something is not a secret just because you don’t know about it,” he said.

Stewart went on to blame the fuss over the rendezvous on “the media having a serious case of FOMO.”

“Let me tell you what happened, the president asked me to go to Washington, and I went. Because if the president tells you and you don’t, who the f–k knows what will happen?” he said.

On a serious note, Stewart said he the president told him he’s making young people too cynical, and the satirical host denied it.

Stewart went on to explain that the meeting with Obama was similar to every other high-profile meeting he’s had — including with Billy Joel — with them asking him: “Jon, why are you such an a–hole?”

Stewart’s final episode of “The Daily Show” will air on August 6. President Obama made his final appearance on Stewart’s Comedy Central program earlier this month, and joked about “issuing a new executive order that Jon Stewart cannot leave the show.”