Jon Stewart Mocks President Obama’s Knowledge of Government Scandals (Video)

The "Daily Show" host wonders if there's a major communication gap in the White House

Jon Stewart has always proven himself to be a (relatively) equal-opportunity political attacker. And he currently has no shortage of White House scandals to make fun of. Nor toothpaste shortcomings. (You'll see shortly).

On Tuesday's "Daily Show," Stewart blasted the White House for failing to run some important information "up the flagpole" regarding recent allegations against a number of government agencies, most notably everyone's favorite, the Internal Revenue Service. In a Monday press conference, President Obama said that he learned of the IRS targeting conservative groups on Friday, when he heard the same news reports as the general public.

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This is not the first time the president got his news, from the news. The "Daily Show" pulled out a number of additional clips backing Stewart's point. But we can't tell the jokes as well as Stewart. So watch below.