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Jon Stewart Obliterates Tom Brady Over Deflategate: ‘Tommy, You Cheating F-cker!’ (Video)

“He fu–king knew!,” Daily Show hosts rails against Patriots quarterback

Jon Stewart has seen it all in 16 years, but the deflated balls scandal surrounding Tom Brady and the Patriots is unprecedented, the Daily Show host said Thursday.

“He f-cking knew,” Stewart said, recounting the evidence revealed in the Wells report that shows damning text messages that seem to show Tom Brady knew his game footballs were deflated before the Patriots-Colts AFC Championship game in January.

“One of the guys in the locker room, at the behest of Tom Brady, called himself the deflater–what was the other guy’s nickname? ‘Joey cheats at football?'”Stewart railed.

He then mocked Brady’s teammate Rob Gronkowski, who taped a video pouring cold water on Deflategate–where he showed his muscles as an exhibit of something inflated, adding the only thing he

“I gotta say–I love this guy,” Stewart said about Gronkowski. “But Brady, no! Tommy…you cheating f–ker,” he said.

On Thursday night, Brady appeared at a charity event, where he said he hasn’t read the full Wells report and had no real comment on it.

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