Jon Stewart Mocks Kim Jong-Un Over ‘The Interview': ‘Merry Christmas, Mother F–ker’ (Video)

“When you start f–king with our holiday releases… you’ve stepped on a landmine,” Stewart gleefully says on U.S. sanctions against North Korea

Last Updated: January 6, 2015 @ 8:02 AM

Jon Stewart returned from holiday vacation feeling very merry, and had some post-holiday cheer for North Korea.

“Listen North Korea, you can mess with a lot of things; our postal system, our water supply, but when you star f–king with out holiday releases [The Interview]—the precious cinematic delights we partake in to avoid having to talk to our families—you’ve stepped on a landmine.”

Stewart then ran a clip of CNN reporting the U.S. sanctions against North Korea.

“Boom, Merry Christmas, mother f–ker,” he gleefully screamed, next pivoting to a montage of other politicians proposing sanctions against North Korea.

Stewart then showed a montage of TV news anchors reporting on the list of sanctions, including economic sanctions.

“I just want to interrupt very quickly…so in all the sanctions we’ve had on North Korea, North Korea’s KGB and their arms dealers were still allowed to use our banking system? Not that, on average, they didn’t make our banking system less evil,” Stewart quipped.

Watch the video.


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