Jon Stewart Rips CNN’s Don Lemon and ‘Blizzardmobile’ as ‘Worst’ Storm Coverage of the Week (Video)

“Settle down Batman, it’s a Ford Explorer,” the “Daily Show” host joked on Tuesday

Jon Stewart thought all of the media coverage of New York’s “blizzard” was laughable since New England is the region that actually got slammed by record snowfall, but singled out CNN for being the “worst.”

“As always when there is innovation in the field of innovation, we look to CNN for its worst iteration,” Stewart said on Tuesday’s “Daily Show” before showing a clip network anchor Don Lemmon cruising the icy streets of Manhattan in his “Blizzardmobile.”

“Blizzardmobile? Settle down Batman. It’s a Ford Explorer. And by the way, with the way you’ve been reporting lately, you’re lucky you’re not in an actual [Dairy Queen] blizzardmobile,” Stewart said. “How do you think it’s okay to get behind the wheel of an SUV on an icy road putting other people at risk?”

Stewart used CNN’s own reports that road conditions would deteriorate throughout the night, and that “all non-emergency vehicles are supposed to be off the streets” in order to point out the absurdity of Lemon’s strategy for covering the storm.

“So either Don Lemon and the ‘Blizzardmobile’ don’t watch their own network, or he thinks all it takes to upgrade a vehicle to emergency status is giving it a name that ends in ‘mobile,’” Stewart said. “Anything else you need to tell us that’s so important it’s worth maybe sliding on a patch of black ice into a couple of pedestrians?”

Watch the video.