Jon Stewart Rips CNN’s ‘Steady Spiral Downward’ Under Leadership of Jeff Zucker (Video)

"Daily Show" host looks back at the changes the new CNN president has made and he is not impressed

In the age of media outlets being accused of representing right or left political interests, Jon Stewart says CNN is the only 24-hour news network representing neither and instead choosing "more of a steady spiral downward."

In Thursday night's look back at "CNN 2.0" after four months under new president Jeff Zucker's leadership, the "Daily Show" host mocks the network's attempt to evolve their content and define news more broadly.

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"No longer will news be defined by things that are or have happened in the world," Stewart says in his best Zucker impersonation. "For instance, I love that show 'CSI.' Why can't that be news?"

And in a segment Stewart provides for his viewers, the network gets pretty close when airing a step-by-step reenactment of how Jodi Arias stabbed her ex-boyfriend to death.

Also, what's up with those virtual goats? Or as the comedian prefers to describe them, a waste of "millions of dollars on superfluous technology."

Take it away, Jon: