Jon Stewart Rips Obama for Letting Bush Steal Credit for Bin Laden Kill

“Daily Show” host — who had criticized those politicizing the operation — engages in some himself | VIDEO

Jon Stewart — who had criticized cable's talking heads from politicizing Osama Bin Laden’s killing just “47 minutes” after President Obama’s historic announcement — decided to engage in some himself on Tuesday’s “Daily Show,” bashing Democrats for allowing the Bush Administration to steal credit for the kill.

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Stewart, who noted the Bush Administration reassembled its “Ocean’s Eleven”-like team for an aggressive media campaign to take credit for the operation, was particularly unimpressed with the White House response: sending one person — National Security Advisor Tom Donilon — to the Sunday talk show circuit.

“The Bush Administration hits you with ‘shock and awe’ and you got one guy … who no one’s ever heard of,” Stewart said. “What are you doing?”