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Jon Stewart Rips Sarah Palin For Waterboarding Comments: Thank God She Is Not In Charge (Video)

The Daily Show host took the former Alaska Governor to task over her controversial remarks to the NRA

Jon Stewart went after Sarah Palin and the NRA on Tuesday night with both barrels blazing.

The Comedy Central host reacted incredulously to Sarah Palin’s controversial NRA remarks where she said if she was in charge, waterboarding would be how we baptized terrorists.

“Well, all I can say there is thank God that (Palin being in charge) is a hypothetical!” Stewart zinged.

The comedian was perplexed by the former Alaskan Governor’s comments.

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“Huh?  I don’t know wha… that is Sarah Palin giving a speech where she is somehow conflating a sacrament of her faith with torture, in order to somehow bring the fear of God to religious extremists,” Stewart explained. “I don’t even… where is that speech even appropriate?  At an al-Qaeda recruitment “How-To” video workshop? At the yearly gathering of the Dumbbalos?  Or maybe she’s giving one of those famed Huh?! Talks.”

Stewart went on to criticize the NRA gathering and their contention that Republicans needed to protect their guns because the other side was winning.

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“What the other side is winning are elections, a peaceful contest between two competing viewpoints.  And your solution seems to be less ‘we need more electable candidates and a more nuanced viewpoint’, and more ‘Lock and Load, motherf-ckers!'”

Watch the video:

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