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Jon Stewart Slaps Down the Religious Backlash to ‘Noah’ (Video)

The ”Daily Show“ host is shocked — shocked! — to find out that Darren Aronofsky’s film is not a documentary

Now that “Noah” has made over $200 million worldwide — including a top opening at the U.S. box office last month — the conventional wisdom seems to be that religious audiences are super powerful and deserve a lot of creative clout.

Except that many of them hated Darren Aronofsky‘s artistic interpretation of the biblical flood story in the first place.

So, uh, what gives?

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Jon Stewart may not have all the answers — if he did, he’d be running a studio in Hollywood, which sounds like his nightmare — but he at least finds the whole furor over the accuracy of a 5,000-year-old mythical tale funny enough to mock. Stitching together plenty of clips from upset Fox News (where else?) commentators, Stewart on Tuesday night ripped apart several of the major talking points that were used to assail the integrity of a “Waterworld”-meets-“We Bought a Zoo” hybrid.

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For example, the complaints that the film doesn’t ever use the word “God” is quite silly, the host implies, because, well, the bible doesn’t, either; the original book, of course, was not written in English. Sure, its use of the term “Creator” may be a reference to Odd Future rapper Tyler, the Creator… but, well, probably not. If only!

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