Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart Sing for Your Votes on Live Election Eve ‘Late Show’ (Video)

They’re joined by one talented little girl, and “Hamilton” star Javier Muñoz

Jon Stewart stopped by “The Late Show” live election special Monday night to sing and dance for your vote. And no, he was not impartial.

Nor was his friend and protege Stephen Colbert, who sought to teach one talented little girl the value of voting. The young stage actress told the CBS host that she planned to sit this one out — and not just because the scamp clearly wasn’t anywhere near 18.

Friend to children and mayor of Candytown Stewart came to defend her right to abstain — that is, until he learned who was running from the right. Cue another wet, messy spit-take session between the former “Daily Show” host and the “Colbert Report” alum.

A stunned (and otherwise uninformed Stewart) referred to Donald Trump as “that angry tax and draft-dodging little orange groundhog.” Not bad.

Unfortunately, the little girl didn’t feel much higher on Hillary Clinton. “I can’t tell which one’s worse,” she said.

“He’s worse. He’s worse. He’s much worse,” Colbert and Stewart responded in unison.

The tiniest street urchin then broke into a solid contrarian think piece touting the power of not voting. She actually got the two comics on her side for a moment. But that’s when “Hamilton” star Javier Muñoz stole the show — or at least, the segment.

In conclusion, they’re all voting, and they’re each casting for Clinton.

Watch the video above.