Jon Stewart Tackles Yet Another Middle East War, Calling Syria Bombing the ‘iPhone 6 of Wars’

It’s a strangely apt comparison

Another day, another war for Jon Stewart to sadly poke fun at.

In what has become just about a regular segment on “The Daily Show,” Stewart addressed the United States’ latest bombing campaign, against ISIS/ISIL in Syria. The challenge at this point is how to make a new joke about what seems to be the same horrible occurrence, and Stewart turned to an even more important recent event: The launch of the iPhone 6.

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Yes, the war in Syria is like the iPhone 6. After all, as Stewart said, both are “expensive, a little bigger, a little more unwieldy than you thought it was going to be,” as well as “at least a two year commitment.”

Most depressingly, he pointed out, both updated Apple products and wars in the Middle East are exasperating because, well, “it kinda feels like you just f–king got the last one.”

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Stewart went long on the new war, questioning both the coalition of countries that are supposed to be helping the United States out with the campaign, and the media’s reaction to the bombs dropping.