Jon Stewart Takes Aim at Fox News’ Megyn Kelly (Video)

Daily Show host skewers "Fair and Balanced" network's latest star in 10 minute segment

Comedy Central

Jon Stewart, “Daily Show” host and unofficial cable news ombudsman, took on the Fox News’ Megyn Kelly in a 10-minute segment on Thursday, skewering the network’s newest face  over her “fair and balanced” coverage of the health care reform bill.

Stewart may be an unabashed liberal, but he’s pretty bipartisan when it comes to cable news rants. Last year, he delivered a blistering, 11-minute, 33-second  of excoriation of CNN over the network’s apparent lack of fact-checking.

In November, Stewart noted Fox News’ use of old footage of a Washington, D.C., protest to make a GOP rally against the health care bill appear larger than it really was. (Sean Hannity apologized on air the next day.)

And in January, Stewart dismantled MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann over the “Countdown” host’s remarks about Scott Brown.

Watch Stewart’s segment on Kelly, via — perhaps for the last time! — Hulu: