Jon Stewart Takes ‘Balloon’ Dick Cheney on Journey Back Through Iraq History (Video)

“And who sir was responsible for that invasion…by gum, it was you!” Stewart says to hot-air Cheney

Jon Stewart has noted that Dick Cheney spews hot air for years, and Thursday, he literally morphed Cheney into just that.

After playing a montage of Cheney’s best anti-Obama clips, Stewart put donned his beret and pipe while bringing out a balloon version of Cheney.

Sinking into his most interrogative tone against hot-air Cheney, Stewart grilled him on his comments that President Obama has strengthened Iran.

He brought up the fact that the Iraq War debacle was the defining factor that strengthened Iran: “And who sir was responsible for that invasion…by gum, it was you!

The Daily Show host went on to point out that by removing Iraq—Iran’s closest foe—it helped facilitate their nuclear weapons.

“I see the smile and lines of topography are gone from your face…yes, Dick Cheney you took out Iran’s enemies while giving Iran time to build up its nuclear program, but surely you can course correct this by just installing in Iraq another strong anti-Iranian government to take Sadam Hussein’s place as any America-loving Vice President would do.”

What did Cheney do? Stewart asked. Appoint Nouri al-Maliki, who ended up being a weak leader who oversaw chaos in Iraq.

Eventually hot-air Cheney escaped Stewart’s claws: “Damn you Dick Cheney!!!” Stewart screams.

Watch below