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Jon Stewart Threatens to Quit ‘Daily Show’ Early if Donald Trump Isn’t Actually Running for President

”If Trump’s not running, then these last shows are going to be nothing but a cup of hot sadness,“ he says

Jon Stewart had a brief moment of panic on Tuesday when he thought that Donald Trump wasn’t serious about his bid for president.

“The Daily Show” host opened the show by airing a montage of news reports revealing that Trump hadn’t filed his official paperwork yet.

“Don’t you take away the one thing we have left, why don’t you just cancel our trip to Disney World, because that’s what it feels like,” he said.

Stewart went on to call the “Celebrity Apprentice” host, “The only presidential candidate in history who looks like the back of a Shar Pei brought to life by an enchanted wig.”

“Trump’s not running, then these last shows are going to be nothing but a cup of hot sadness,” he continued in mock horror.

Stewart then went on to pretend to put on his coat and hat and leave the studio.

“I don’t want to wait til August 6, shut it down boys, we’re closing early. I am heading out. I’ll just turn out the light.”

But have no fear, Stewart then learned that Trump had filed and is officially going to run.

“That was close! I very nearly almost closed the show and walked away for good. All systems are go, we’ve got Trump,” he said.

“What’s the harm of riding this crazy train as long as it can take us?” Stewart asked as he celebrated the Commander in Trump.

“The Daily Show” airs at 11 p.m. on Comedy Central. 

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