Jon Stewart: ‘Why Is the Angry Lady from Court TV Trying to Breastfeed My Children?’ (Video)

Jon Stewart offers helpful tips for explaining Nancy Grace's "DWTS" wardrobe slip

Never fear, Jon Stewart is keeping abreast of activity on "Dancing With the Stars," and he weighed in, during last night's "Daily Show," on the unfortunate wardrobe malfunction suffered by Nancy Grace (and viewers) on Monday night's "DWTS."

Stewart joked that people have made such a fuss about the transgendered Chaz Bono competing on the show, when it was Grace who ended up traumatizing his children.

"So prepared, I feel like there's nothing on 'Dancing With the Stars' that can faze my children … and then last night, I turn it on, and they see this," Stewart said. "After weeks of freaking out because of what Chaz Bono did to his chest, suddenly it's Nancy Grace who's rubbing her nipples all over America's children."

Check out video of Stewart's "Aereola 51" report, including his suggestions about explaining the situation to your kids:


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