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Watch Jon Taffer Scream and Curse at a Bunch of People in ‘Marriage Rescue’ Teaser (Exclusive Video)

It’s just like ”Bar Rescue,“ except– oh, you get it

Last Updated: June 1, 2019 @ 9:19 AM

Jon Taffer is no marriage counselor, but he knows that yelling profanities tends to help fix a troubled relationship. Or at least that appears to be part of his strategy on this Season 1 teaser of “Marriage Rescue,” which is exclusive to TheWrap.

Below are just some of Taffer’s lines from just THIS. ONE. TEASER.

“That’s such a crock of s—.”

“Either you’re ignorant to the way she feels, or you don’t give a s—.”

“Go screw yourself.”

“You’re a selfish a–hole!”

To be fair to Jon, some of his participants appear to be a bit hot-headed themselves. Also, there are cameras, so.

Watch the video above.

“Marriage Rescue” is just like Taffer’s “Bar Rescue,” except for the part where he’s a legit, proven expert on the topic at hand. On this one, instead of diffusing conflict among family-owned businesses, “Marriage Rescue” finds Taffer using his tough-love tactics on couples with marital problems.

Per Paramount, Taffer will work with a diverse group of spouses ranging from newlyweds to couples who have been together for decades. To escape any distractions from the daily grind of their lives, Taffer is taking the couples to a five-star beach resort in the Caribbean. In each episode, he will meet two new couples and explore the issues straining their marriages. After putting their relationship to the test with a series of unique, customized challenges, the couples will have to decide whether to stay together or separate.

Both “Bar Rescue” and Marriage Rescue” are produced by 3 Ball entertainment and executive produced by Taffer.

“Marriage Rescue” premieres Sunday at 10/9c on Paramount Network.