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Jon Voight at the RNC: Obama Administration’s ‘Propaganda’ Has Taken Over U.S. Media

Jon Voight holds forth about the liberal bias in the U.S. media, "2016: Obama's America," Mitt Romney and George Soros

Republican Conventioneer Jon Voight is letting fly with some strong commentary about President Obama, Mitt Romney and what he believes to be a formidable liberal bias in the American media.

Representing a relatively small faction of openly right-leaning celebrities in Hollywood, the actor was the featured speaker at a breakfast meeting of Virginia delegation members in Clearwater on Monday as his “first job” at the GOP summit.

“This country’s been downgraded for the last four years,” Voight warned, rallying his audience by adding, “We have this little window of time to do something about it — to get it back on track.”

The “Midnight Cowboy” star and father to globe-trotting do-gooder Angelina Jolie endorsed presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney and his VP pick while he was at it. "I’m very excited about Mitt’s candidacy and Paul Ryan as well," he said. 

Voight put a good word in for conservative pundit-turned-documentary filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s “2016: Obama’s America,” which stormed the box office last weekend as storm clouds approached, and ultimately swept past, the Tampa convention.

“Go to it,” Voight said of the film. “How can people vote for Obama after four years of failed policies? You know, it’s because of propaganda – they’re very good at propaganda … That’s what we’re battling here today.”

He also took the opportunity to offer his studied critique of the U.S. mainstream media, claiming “this media has been overtaken by this administration in no less a way that Cesar [sic – that would be Hugo] Chavez has taken over the media in Venezuela. It’s as strong as that.”

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And according to the actor, the left-leaning media is picking and choosing — and liberally editing — its footage from the Republican convention, whittling coverage down to an hour. “What will they edit out?” he said. “What story will they tell? It’s propaganda, pure and simple. And everyone — every citizen should be up in arms.”

He was ready again with the politically charged commentary on Tuesday, explaining why he’s an “enemy of the Left” outside of Ballroom C at the Tampa Convention Center, Gawker reported.

Voight put his money to work in the last election cycle, donating $3,500 to Republican candidate John McCain in 2008, according to OpenSecrets.org.

Watch the full clip of his comments from Monday's meeting below, including what he would do if he found himself within arm’s length of progressive billionaire George Soros. (Hint: he wouldn’t exactly want to shake hands.)