Jonas Brothers All Miserably Fail Lie Detector Tests on ‘Carpool Karaoke’ (Video)

Then Nick teaches all current Disney child stars how to masterfully dodge that censorship question

With an SUV full of Jonas Brothers, James Corden can definitely use the carpool lane.

On Thursday night’s “Carpool Karaoke,” Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas reunited in the “Late Late Show” Range Rover, where the boys — and Corden — sung their hits and shot the breeze.

At one point, the trio got wired up for lie detector tests. What came out is probably not going to help the band — or the family, for that matter.

Apparently, Nick was definitely the one at fault for breaking up the group, and Kevin has really, really wanted to punch him over that. Oh, and at least one of their wives gets on Joe’s last nerve.

Easter is gonna be awesome.

A little later in the segment, Nick masterfully deflects the Disney Channel censorship question. Man that kid’s been coached up — the family friendly company’s current child stars could learn a thing or two from the “Jealous” singer.

And yes, they got to the purity rings. Remember those? The Jonas Brothers have been trying to forget them since their teenage years.

Watch the video above.

The brothers have been taking up residence on the CBS late (late) night show all week to celebrate their reunion and promote their upcoming Amazon documentary.