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Jordan Klepper Begs Nobel Committee to Just Give Trump the Peace Prize (Video)

”This prize has been Trump’s life-long dream, right behind ‘threesome in space,'“ ”The Opposition“ host says

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Opposition,” Jordan Klepper basically begged the Nobel Committee to give Donald Trump a Nobel Peace Prize, even if talks in Korea appear to have stalled.

“This prize has been Trump’s life-long dream, right behind ‘threesome in space,'” said Klepper, who asked the Nobel committee to “focus up” on the fact that Trump has “almost achieved peace on the Korean peninsula.”

On Tuesday, North Korea threatened to abandon the nuclear summit planned for June in response to upcoming joint military operations between South Korea and the United States. About this move, Klepper joked that “this chubby, egomaniacal tyrant can’t be trusted, and every American knows who I’m talking about,” while nodding to a side-by-side image of Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

“Just give Trump his Nobel now,” Klepper said. “So what if he put the cart before the horse — horses love it when the cart comes first.”

In 2009, the Nobel committee awarded the peace prize to Barack Obama just 10 months into his presidency for what critics at the time said was essentially not being George Bush. So perhaps there’s hope for Trump yet.

Watch the whole, much funnier-than-this-summary clip above.