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Jordan Klepper Toasts Giuliani: ‘Who Cares About the PC Police, or the Regular Police?’ (Video)

”The Opposition“ host breaks out his ”trusty gaslight“ to convince America Giuliani was smart to say Trump knew about $130K paid to Stormy Daniels

On Thursday’s episode of “The Opposition,” Jordan Klepper busted out his “trusty gaslight” to convince viewers that Rudy Giuliani’s widely-mocked Sean Hannity appearance was actually brilliant.

Talking to Sean Hannity Wednesday, Giuliani said Trump knew all about the $130,000 Michael Cohen paid to Stormy Daniels in 2016, that the money was “funneled… through the law firm,” and that Trump paid Cohen back. This directly contradicts Trump’s earlier denials and had critics saying that Trump may have violated campaign finance law.

“Finally! We’re done dancing around these snowflakes worried about laws and/or consequences,” said Klepper. “Who cares about the PC police, or the regular police? Rudy is the ‘just say the thing’ expert.”

“That’s the kind of reasoning that’s so rock-solid it ends up being directly quoted in a judge’s ruling against you,” the pretend-right wing host said, referencing Giuliani’s comments in 2017 that ended up impacting Trump’s attempted Muslim travel ban. “I love ‘just say the thing,’ no more excuses. We can just come clean with no consequences.”

“And before you can say ‘won’t Donald Trump get in trouble for just saying the thing?’ ask yourself: When has that ever happened before? It must not be illegal. You must be confused.” Klepper than brought out his “trusty gaslight.”

“Was Donald Trump telling the truth? Was Rudy telling the truth? Is ‘having your own lawyer incriminate you on TV’ a good strategy?” Klepper said as the camera zoomed in on the gaslight. “Because it seems f—–g stupid. Stupid like a fox. Which means it’s smart. Which means it’s not stupid. You get it, you’re smart.”

Watch the whole clip above.

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