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Jordan Klepper Uncovers the Secret Evil Behind IHOP’s Weird Name Change (Video)

”IHOP, the letter that was broken in your name wasn’t the P, it was the I, for ‘international,'“ ”The Opposition“ host declares

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Opposition,” Jordan Klepper was certain that the impending International House of Pancakes restaurant chain name-change masks a terrible threat — and he brought in almost his entire team to figure out what it is.

On Wednesday morning, IHOP announced on its Facebook page that on June 18, it will change its name by flipping the P (for “pancakes”) to a B. IHOP didn’t actually say what the B in “IHOB” will stand for. Most people assume “breakfast,” but Klepper found that suggestion appalling.

“IHOP, the letter that was broken in your name wasn’t the P, it was the I, for ‘international.’ I hate the fact that my Create-A-Face pancake is made in a globalist enclave full of espionage — and French toast,” the pretend right-wing fanatic exclaimed.

So it was that Klepper summoned the show’s citizen journalists to decode the secret evil. First, Laura Grey, who suggested “Benghazi.” Next, Tim Baltz, who declared it must be a feminist plot — “Why else would they remove the P for ‘penis’ and replace it with the B for ‘bagina?'” Finally, Josh and Aaron, who revealed the worst possible threat of all. We won’t spoil it, but you can watch the whole clip above.

Meanwhile though, Klepper likely spoke for viewers left and (fake) extreme right when he said: “If that ‘b’ just stands for f*—–g breakfast, I’m going to come down there, tear the blue roof right off your globalist pancakery, put your short stacks in the waffle maker, and send you back to whatever hash brown hell you came from.”

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