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Jose Canseco Says Sexual Misconduct Accusers Are ‘Racist Against Ugly Men’

”I’ve been molested by several women and never complained … it was kind of a turn-on,“ former MLB player writes on Twitter

Jose Canseco got his juices stirring over the recent onslaught of sexual misconduct allegations against powerful men, offering his own bizarre #MeToo movement and opining that women who complain about sexual misconduct are “racist against ugly men.”

The former baseball player — who was at the heart of the steroids controversy — hit up Twitter on Tuesday to offer his thoughts on the topic, divulging that he, too, had been molested and that it was “kind of a turn on.”

“What is going on with all these politicians molesting women I’ve been molested by several women and never complained,” Canseco wrote. “Well I mean I’ve been beaten by women taken advantage of by women and molested by women I never complain but it was kind of a turn-on.”

Canseco went on to insult the looks of politicians who’ve been accused of sexual misconduct, likening them to a “bag of boogers.”

“I see the difference I guess cuz I was a good-looking guy and these politicians look like a bag of boogers,” Canseco wrote.

And then the former Oakland Athletics player hoisted the racism flag.

“These women complaining against sexual misconduct are just racist against ugly men,” he continued.

The former MLB star also tried out his comedy chops, writing, “What do you call a pretty woman with an inbred looking politician. ……. PAID.”

Canseco’s Twitter vent prompted a response from his former team, which hastened to note that he is no longer an employee with the team.

“We were disappointed to learn of Mr. Canseco’s statements,” the Oakland Athletics tweeted Tuesday. “Mr. Canseco is not an employee of the Athletics and his statements do not reflect the values of our organization or those of our most trusted partners.”

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