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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Explains Satire, Praises Pornography Biz Model to Stephen Colbert (Video)

Also takes a second to diss entertainers who only do it for the money

Stephen Colbert welcomed Joseph Gordon-Levitt (or as Colbert called him, “Jordan Gavin-Lewitt”) to his “Colbert Report” to talk about his new film “Don Jon.” They discussed pornography and Gordon-Levitt showed  just a hint of high-handedness when comparing the work that he does to that of some other actors.

When Colbert asked Gordon-Levitt which of his many acting roles was the most like the “real” him, Gordon-Levitt went with his role in “Brick,” a film full of intentionally and conspicuously unrealistic characters in which he played a hard-boiled high school detective.

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He added that he always tries to “tell a story” with his characters and make a connection with his audience. Pornos and “some other movies or commercials,” Gordon-Levitt said, “they’re not really trying to connect with an audience so much as take their money.”

Gordon-Levitt did not mention his role as the Cobra Commander in “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.”

Colbert said he found that whole “taking money” thing to be a big plus.

“That’s what I admire about pornography,” he said. “It is a sound business model.”

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When Colbert asked if Gordon-Levitt was in his masturbation-happy “Don Jon” character right now, Gordon-Levitt took the time to explain the concept of satire to Colbert, saying he was playing a character who said things to make the audience laugh and think, not necessarily because he believed those things personally.

“I know you’re a serious journalist, but that’s how we do it in show business,” Gordon-Levitt explained.

Colbert insisted that he was unfamiliar with pornography beyond its sound business strategy, and had never watched it.

“Pornography masturbates to me,” Colbert explained.

“People masturbate to me,” Gordon-Levitt countered.

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