Josh Brolin Disses Fake De Niro Accent of Actor Who Sounds (A Lot) Like Ryan Gosling

“I was like, ‘Holy s–t, he’s actually doing De Niro. Does he know that I know?’ actor says in new interview

Josh Brolin is over Hollywood’s young male stars acting like tough guys, and mocked one guy in particular, who sounds a lot like his former “Gangster Squad” costar Ryan Gosling.

Describing “young Hollywood punks on set” who buy a $400 leather jacket “all ripped up,” Brolin unloaded about the anonymous actor in a new interview.

“I remember a guy I worked with who was from Ontario, but he talked like De Niro,” Brolin told Man of the World. “I was like, ‘Holy s–t, he’s actually doing De Niro. Does he know that I know? I’m not even listening to what he’s saying.’ It’s fascinating to me.”

A lot of shade has been thrown at Gosling, who hails from Ontario, Canada, over his accent in the past. He even admitted to W magazine in 2010 that he didn’t really know what his accent was, and that he just fakes it most of the time.

“As a kid I decided that a Canadian accent doesn’t sound tough,” he had said. “I thought guys should sound like Marlon Brando. So now I have a phony accent that I can’t shake, so it’s not phony anymore. I’m going for the Madonna thing, the Lady Gaga thing — a phony accent that becomes your trademark.”

Vulture even compiled Gosling’s clips into an “Accent-o-Meter” where each clip is analyzed on a scale of “Canadian” to “Marlon Brando.”