Josh Duhamel Gets in Over His Head in ‘Misconduct’ Trailer (Video)

Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino, Malin Akerman also star

Josh Duhamel decides to take on a big corporation in a legal battle, but soon finds he’s in way over his head, in the first trailer for Lionsgate Premiere’s “Misconduct.”

Shintaro Shimosawa directed the indie thriller also starring Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino. Duhamel plays a young lawyer who thinks he’s landed a huge case, but Hopkins and Pacino, as the heads of a pharmaceutical company, are clearly way ahead of him in the game.

Somehow Duhamel gets seduced by Malin Akerman, betrays his wife Alice Eve, and is investigated by Julia Stiles after Akerman’s character dies and he seemingly gets pinned for the murder.

There’s a lot happening, and much of it seems to be revealed right in the trailer, but maybe there are even more twists and turns still to come.

“Misconduct” will be released in theaters and On Demand on Feb. 5, 2016.