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Josh Gad Returns to Save James Corden’s Latest ‘Crosswalk the Musical’ (Video)

Andrew Lloyd Webber is impressed

“The Late Late Show” is back in James Corden’s native London, which has some perfect intersections for a new “Crosswalk the Musical.” The one thing the city couldn’t quite provide was an appropriate Christine to Corden’s Phantom — thank God for Josh Gad.

Monday’s “Crosswalk” paid tribute to the classic works of Andrew Llyod Webber, like “Evita,” “Phantom of the Opera,” “Cats” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” Somehow, Corden actually roped the playwright legend into participating in this cluster-walk.

“Cats” got pretty weird when Corden was winded and made an assistant bring him a bowl of milk to lap up right there on the sidewalk.

As usual, the CBS late-night host stole all of the leading roles from his players.

Since he couldn’t simultaneously play both the male and female lead in “Phantom” — believe us, Corden would if he could — the Tony Award-winner dialed up Gad, who arrived lickety-split. That’s what friends are for.

What they’re not for, apparently, is stealing the spotlight. Once Gad out-shined his co-star and got the attention of Webber, he was booted from the pedestrian production. Actors, are we right?

Watch the video above.