‘Scandal’ Cast Pranks Josh Malina With an Old Lady and Her Fake Heart Attack (Video)

“That is the worst thing that anyone has ever done to anybody!” TGIT actor says when tricked by Jimmy Kimmel and co-stars

You think you’re pretty clever, don’t you, Josh Malina? Well, the jokes on you for the very first time, thanks to an elaborate hoax the cast of “Scandal” threw their notorious prankster co-star into — thanks to a little help from Jimmy Kimmel.

When the Shondaland show’s cast appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” following the series finale on Thursday, the host rolled tape of the revenge he helped Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and Associates pull off on the actor, who plays David Rosen — and is known for being more than a bit of a troublemaker on set.

Kimmel set up Malina to think he and co-star Katie Lowes (who plays Quinn Perkins) were going to surprise a family watching “Scandal,” but little did he know they were actually actors. And he was about to give an elderly woman a “heart attack” by popping a very loud canister of confetti.

The resulting scene is both horrifying and hilarious — as we know that Nana will be OK, but Malina didn’t. He bends down by her side as they and says, “It was supposed to be a nice surprise, not a horrible surprise!” and wonders why no one told them about her heart condition.

Then, Kimmel comes in with Guillermo Rodriguez and Malina knows what’s up. “That’s the worst thing that anyone has ever done to me! That is the worst that anyone has ever done to anybody!” he says.

Well, thinking he may have killed someone is hopefully enough retribution for all the ways he’s messed with his castmates over the years. Maybe.

Watch the clip above.