Joshua Jackson on Possible ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Revival

“I think at this point, so much time has passed,” former teen star tells TheWrap

Nostalgia shows are returning for limited revivals all over television, but don’t expect “Dawson’s Creek” to make a comeback — at least according to Joshua Jackson, who played
Pacey Witter.

“Well, they killed off one of the main characters – you can’t do a revival series, one of us is dead!” the former teen actor and current star of Showtime’s “The Affair” told TheWrap.

Jackson was referring to the series finale of the WB teen drama, which ran for six seasons from 1998-2003.

“Dawson’s Creek” starred Jackson, James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams as four angsty teenage friends embroiled in love triangles, high school struggles and growing pains. In the two-hour series finale, the show jumped five years in the future, and revealed that Jen Lindley (Williams) was terminally ill. With one last heartfelt video message to the daughter she was leaving behind, Jen died. But Dawson, Joey and Pacey are still alive, somewhere out there.

With TV revivals so hot right now – “Fuller House,” “The X-Files” and “Twin Peaks” are all returning for new episodes featuring the original castmembers.

In an interview with TheWrap, Jackson discussed whether he would be open to one more trip to the Creek.

TheWrap: If there were a “Dawson’s Creek” revival miniseries on Netflix – are you in?
Joshua Jackson: Well, they killed off one of the main characters – you can’t do a revival series, one of us is dead! She’s a ghost? She comes back as a ghost?

Maybe she left another video, and there’s a treasure hunt she wants the rest of you to go on…
Yeah, they’ll find a way! I think at this point, so much time has passed, I think it’s probably time to let that go for the next generation.

You’re breaking a lot of hearts here.
Actually, I think more hearts would be broken if they saw all the forty-year-old versions of us playing those characters! [laughs]

“The Affair” Season 2 premieres Sunday, Oct. 3 at 10 p.m. on Showtime. Stay tuned for more of our interview with Jackson.