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Joss Whedon Slams Donald Trump, Who Is Now Leading GOP Presidential Field

A new poll shows that Trump is preferred GOP nominee for 15 percent of respondents

Joss Whedon surprised everyone when he showed up to moderate the panel of the Comedy Central series, “Another Period,” and then got some laughs when he took a shot at GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“Everything I have seen about this show is my favorite thing,” Whedon said. “It makes us laugh, but it makes us think and it reminds us of the universal truth: that rich white people are f–king insane. It’s obviously a fantasy and something we can all laugh at, because those days are all over – -and then Donald Trump says something. I suspect he may be a Bellacourt.”

Whedon compared Trump to Bellacourt, the name of the wealthy family that live in luxury in “Another Period.”

Trump has made headlines with his immigration remarks generalizing Mexican immigrants as “rapists.” Although the backlash from the Latino community was swift and costly, his unapologetic stance on immigration appears to have shot him to the top of the GOP field.

The real estate mogul is the preferred GOP nominee for president for 15 percent of respondents who took aa new Economist/YouGov poll. The percentage places Trump four points ahead of Jeb Bush and Rand Paul, who were both tied for second place. Scott Walker, Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee shared third place with 9 percent each.

However, the poll also revealed that registered Republican voters gave him a slim chance of winning the race for the Republican nomination. 29 percent of respondents said they believed Jeb Bush would claim it at the end, with only 7 percent saying this about Trump.

The show, “Another Period,” is created by Natasha Leggero and Ricki Lindhome. Michael Ian Black, Paget Brewster, Beth Dover and Brett Gelman star in the half-hour comedy that airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

Top 10 GOP candidates according to YouGov poll:

1) Donald Trump: 15 percent
2) Jeb Bush: 11 percent
3) Rand Paul: 11 percent
4) Scott Walker: 9 percent
5) Marco Rubio: 9 percent
6) Mike Huckabee: 9 percent
7) Ben Carson: 7 percent
8) Chris Christie: 6 percent
9) Ted Cruz: 4 percent
10) Carly Fiorina: 3 percent

Most ‘likely’ GOP nominee according to YouGov poll:

1) Jeb Bush: 29 percent
2) Rand Paul: 12 percent
3) Marco Rubio: 8 percent
4) Scott Walker: 8 percent
5) Donald Trump: 7 percent
6) Mike Huckabee: 4 percent
7) Chris Christie: 4 percent
8) Rick Perry: 4 percent
9) Ted Cruz: 3 percent
10) Ben Carson: 3 percent

Meanwhile, Republican opponent Ted Cruz has expressed admiration for Trump. Watch his kind words below.