Journalist Mocked After $22 Avocado Toast Purchase Backfires: ‘Ultimate First World Complaint’

“I Seamlessed a $22 avocado toast and this is what just arrived,” The Atlantic’s Taylor Lorenz tweeted sharing an image of the disaster

Taylor Lorenz

The Atlantic journalist Taylor Lorenz got more than she bargained for after posting an image of a $22 avocado toast she purchased on Twitter.

“I Seamlessed a $22 avocado toast and this is what just arrived,” she complained, showing a mass of avocado mushed into the corner of a takeout box.

The image also included two pieces of lightly toasted bread which bore streak marks of the fruit as it presumably slid from its intended position.

“I thought my friends would laugh too at the ridiculousness of it and maybe throw me a fave or two and move on. Of course, it spread faster than that though and within an hour I was receiving harassment on levels I haven’t gotten in months,” Lorenz told TheWrap and added that it was difficult to find good breakfast options as a vegan in Brooklyn.

She declined the name the establishment.

The post — which was accused by critics of being a lab-created homage to Brooklyn decadence and millennial profligacy — immediately was mocked by Twitter users.


Lorenz, a veteran of Mic and the Daily Beast, kept the thread alive by offering additional lengthy explanations of the tweet and responding to various commenters online.

“Lots of men were bemoaning feminism for not ‘teaching women to cook’ or whatever,” she told TheWrap. “Then there were SO many people who were yelling at me about student loans. I don’t have student loans thankfully, but even if I did I should be allowed to buy food?”

In fact, by Monday morning, a backlash to the backlash was brewing with Lorenz herself pointing out some of the more ridiculous responses that she received.