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Journalists Rip Avenatti After Legal Threats to Daily Caller: ‘Like Michael Cohen’

”This is the sort of intimidation tactic, suggesting a complete contempt for what reporters do,“ says CNN contributor Ryan Lizza

Journalists from across the ideological spectrum drew their knives Monday over Michael Avenatti. The attorney representing Stormy Daniels in her legal fight with Donald Trump received backlash after threatening to sue the Daily Caller for critical coverage of him.

“Let me be clear. If you and your colleagues do not stop with the hit pieces that are full of lies and defamatory statements, I will have no choice but to sue each of you and your publication for defamation,” said Avenatti in a Monday email that was addressed to Caller reporter Peter Hasson.

Hasson shared the letter on Twitter.

“If you think I’m kidding, you really don’t know anything about me. This is the last warning,” Avenatti added.

In his email, the megawatt attorney also threatened to exact “significant” financial consequences on individual reporters at the Caller.

Avenatti’s issue was with a Caller piece exploring a complaint from a local coffee bean distributor who accused Avenatti of stiffing him $160,000 — a charge the media hungry attorney has denied.

“I sent an email off the record. It should remain off the record. It speaks for itself,” Avenatti told TheWrap when asked to clarify the threat.

That response, however, didn’t sit well with powerful blue checks of media Twitter who laced into a man many have openly celebrated during his weeks of marathon TV appearances on CNN, MSNBC and beyond.

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