Joy Behar Blasts Trump’s Drive-By Photo-Op Outside Hospital: ‘Right Out of a Dictator’s Playbook’ (Video)

“The View” cohosts call president “reckless” and “irresponsible” for breaking quarantine

The president’s COVID-19 diagnosis was a hot topic on Monday’s episode of “The View,” and each co-host had a scathing response to Trump breaking his quarantine to drive by well-wishers outside Walter Reed Memorial Hospital on Sunday.

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg invited co-host Joy Behar to weigh in first, and she called the move “right out of a dictator’s playbook.”

“Parade the dictator around so that the world and America, the country, can see that he’s still alive and he’s still robust. I thought to myself, usually, the hostages are not driving the car,” she said. “It’s not a hoax anymore, that’s what he learned. He didn’t learn that 200,000 people and counting have died from this.”

Sunny Hostin said she understood why a president would want to reassure the American public that he’s okay, but added, “I don’t think that’s the way to do it.”

“You don’t reassure the public by signing, I don’t know, an empty sheet of paper with a Sharpie and pretend you’re working on nothing,” she said, as an image of Trump — a photo provided by the White House — doing just that flashed on the screen.

Hostin also pointed out that the president’s vehicle was hermetically sealed to prevent chemical attacks.

“That means it seals the virus inside,” she said. “So he is infectious, and those secret service agents then, their lives were put at risk by this president…By his reckless actions, he didn’t care for the very people sworn to protect him.”

Sara Haines called the motorcade “irresponsible” and “a slap in the face” to the many Americans “who have dealt with this pandemic since the beginning of the year and have not been able to say goodbye to loved ones.”

Ana Navarro, who returned as co-host on “The View” while Meghan McCain is away on maternity leave after giving birth to her daughter Liberty last week, compared Trump’s motorcade appearance to the antics of a spoiled monarch.

“For him to flaunt it by going out there like he’s Queen Elizabeth waving from the motorcade and limousine while so many sick people didn’t get the same chance, the same treatment, didn’t have 10 doctors and a team attending to his beck and call — he is just so insensitive,” she said.

Watch the clip above.


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