Jude Law Heists Nazi Gold in First Trailer for Submarine Thriller ‘Black Sea’ (Video)

Director Kevin Macdonald helms this underwater action film

There’s a hidden fortune buried in a sunken Nazi sub and Jude Law wants it. The trailer for “Black Sea” shows that he’ll have to take a shadowy team to dark depths to find it. But how long will his crew stay loyal to their captain?

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“Black Sea” comes from Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald (“The Last King of Scotland”) and features a supporting cast of renowned character actors including Scoot McNairy, Ben Mendelsohn and David Threlfall.

Law plays Captain Robinson who hits a desperate time in his life after being laid off from a salvage company.

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“I’ve been working on submarines for nearly 30 years,” Law says in the trailer, with a thick Scottish brogue. “I lost my family to this job.”

Law sets his sights on a Hitler U-boat full of gold that promises to make him and his men rich. Once underwater, tensions rise and the crew begins to turn on each other in the hopes of upping their individual take from the treasure.

“Black Sea” is due out in theaters January 2015.