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‘Judge Judy’ Defendant Hilariously Incriminates Himself and Goes Viral 5 Years Later (Video)

Watch a man go from defendant to criminal in 12 seconds flat in this #ThrowbackThursday gem

The world has rediscovered a clip from an old “Judge Judy” episode, in which a man being accused of stealing a young woman’s wallet incriminates himself in 12 seconds.

Perfectly timed for #ThrowbackThursday, social media users and media outlets are busy recirculating this quick laugh that hit the web in 2010.

Judge Judy, real name Judith Sheindlin, asks 18-year-old plaintiff Ginny Paradeza to describe what was in her purse when it was allegedly stolen, and they both get a pleasant surprise when one of the two young men Paradeza is accusing answers the question.

“I love it,” Judy exclaims before quickly closing the case.

The feeling is still mutual, even after all these years.

Watch proof the American criminal justice system works — if the defendants are dummies.